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Mumbai, a wind of modernity blowing over India

Venture into tumultuous, modern and bustling Mumbai, and favour the mode of transport the locals use: the famous Bollywood version of the rickshaw lets you visit the most underground spots of the Indian megalopolis.

Counting 20 million souls and constantly evolving, the Indian megalopolis opens up to visitors eager to discover a digest of the contradictions and contrasts of today’s India. It shows an incredibly modern side with skyscrapers growing up as soon as a bit of land frees up, constant traffic and a melting pot – counting construction workers, fishermen, artists, fashion victims and new millionaires. On the contrary, it almost feels like a village the second you step in residential neighbourhoods.

While the golden youth gets enthusiastic for the latest trendy restaurants, the middle class rushes into the brand new shopping malls that have started to pop up everywhere. In the meantime, the cinema industry – globally known as Bollywood, is nowadays the most prolific in the world.

Whether by foot, taxi or on board a double-decker bus, explore Marine Drive, its old colonial-style houses and cricket games on the grass. Dive in and stock up on colours and scents at the huge Crawford Market, at the centre of which you will find a surprising fountain. Get away to the Malabar Hill district, filled with sacred temples and historical parks. Immerse yourself in Mahatma Gandhi’s intimacy at the house-museum that bears his name. Do not forget to pay tribute to Rudyard Kipling, born in Bombay and who remained nostalgic of Mumbai his entire life.

You’ll be spoilt for amazing sights: strikingly beautiful landscapes, scenes of daily life, colourful plates filled with typical dishes that will awake the foodie in you. There is little doubt you will bring a thousand and one memories back home!

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