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Dallas: wide open spaces and sunny dispositions

Younger and more high-tech, Dallas now defies clichés. Overflowing with energy, “Big D”, as a good Texan calls this city, will tempt you to a rodeo and a few local specialities for a distinctive visit.

The 1.3 million inhabitants of Dallas, spread out over more than 400,000 m2, live amidst urban highways, sparkling skyscrapers and streets laid out in straight lines as far as you can see. Home to "oil and the dollar", the city was also the scene of JFK's assassination in 1963. But Dallas did not dwell on its past. Part of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metroplex, the third-largest city in Texas is a vibrant place with a certain amount of excess. Here, the art rush has replaced the black gold rush; and southern hospitality fuses with the Texan spirit, influenced over the centuries by Amerindian, African-American, European and Hispanic legacies. Historical, folk and culinary heritage now coexist with contemporary art and modernity in all its forms. Of course, remnants of the Wild West-rodeo, western, country music and barbecues-are still part of the landscape and so much the better. But, thanks to the combination of investment, patronage, energy, transportation, medical research, high-tech and, above all, wide-open spaces, "Big D", as the Texas metropolis is called here, has managed to nurture a new cultural and artistic scene. The well-named Dallas Arts District for example is filled with quality galleries and museums. "Dallas has no mountains or ocean" explains Catherine Cuellar, Executive Director of the Dallas Arts District shortly after its opening. "Generation Y first chooses where to live, before thinking about where to work, and culture is a great way to attract young people. In addition, in high-tech or design, you can't create sophisticated systems if you haven't been exposed to culture." She said it all. Now, you have to see Dallas for yourself!

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