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A town with many faces

Cobbled streets and glass skyscrapers, both noisy and crazy or calm and relaxing, Montreal well and truly has many faces.

Built between Mount Royal and the St. Lawrence River, Montreal offers a variety of landscapes and environments: its red brick Victorian houses, the quirky atmosphere of the 'Village', and the trendy streets of the Plateau-Mont-Royal. There is also a huge architectural gap between Old Montreal to the north of the island home to the Old Port, Place Jacques-Cartier, City Hall, the Place d'Armes and Notre Dame and the city centre, where modern skyscrapers soar ever higher, such as 1000 de la Gauchetière, the CIBC tower, and the famous Stock Exchange Tower, designed in 1963 by the Italian architect Luigi Moretti, also known for the Watergate Complex, headquarters of the U.S. Democratic Party.

But the most amazing contrast - due to climate extremes - is one that separates life 'above' and life 'below'. Montreal's underground quarter is vibrant and lively, powered by its own economy: 30 km of shopping malls, a shopping centre, smaller shops, and myriad restaurants. So, Montrealers have quite simply invented a new way of life. They live on the surface when the weather is mild, enjoying its green zones (the botanical gardens and Mount Royal Park) and the countless festivals that have given Montréal an international cultural dimension: the International Jazz Festival, Francos, African Nights... And they live underground in winter, when outdoor temperatures can easily reach -17°C in the middle of January.

In short, whether above or below, you can always head out for a stroll, have fun and discover Montreal.

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