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A thrilling stopover in Fortaleza

The city of a thousand and one faces invites you to an adventure filled with emotion.

Friendly, exuberant, festive and cultural… Those are just a few MOTS to give you a taste of the atmosphere that awaits you on a trip to this must-see spot of North-Eastern Brazil, or Nordeste in Portuguese. Fortaleza is among the largest metropolises in the country with a population of more than 2.6 million. Indeed, its dynamic demographic growth attests to the city's attractiveness.

The history of this ancient fortress also illustrates the interest sparked by Fortaleza, as far back as the early 16th century. In successive waves, explorers from all over the world have mingled with natives, creating the cosmopolitan city that you will see today. Feel the warmth, the hospitality and the pleasant atmosphere all along your journey. This joyous melting pot will take you along a musical adventure to the tunes of samba and forro, the traditional music and dances of Brazil.

You can stroll through downtown's colourful streets, pass by the modern skyscrapers on the shore, practice extreme sports, take beach trips to the east and west and spend nights in one of many trendy clubs and bars. Architecture fans and theatre aficionados will discover the Theatro José de Alencar, while those who love cultural outings will lose themselves in the vast Dragão do Mar art centre. To recover from all the frenzy, travel to Jericoacoara and enjoy precious moments of relaxation.

Whether you are hyperactive or laidback, athletic or meditative, Fortaleza is the perfect destination for anyone who loves to invent their vacations day by day. The city is also an excellent launching pad for adventures to the other treasures of the sublime Ceará Coast, from Jericoacoara to Canoa Quebrada, with their luxuriant landscapes, dunes in every direction and omnipresent musicality.

Some vacations create lifelong memories and this one will undoubtedly be among them.

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