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Nairobi, modern capital in the heart of the wilderness

In the heart of East Africa, Kenya and the capital Nairobi will satisfy all travellers looking for nature, freedom and History.

As a cosmopolitan metropolis of more than four million inhabitants, Nairobi's dynamism and striking contrasts keep fascinating travellers. Modernity and wilderness co-exist in pure harmony. On one hand, the city centre and its business district, its glass skyscrapers - Nairobi likes to call itself the “African New York” - cultural institutions, restaurants serving local specialities and famous nightlife will all satisfy your craving for discoveries. On the other hand, Nairobi's national park, the oldest in the country - where lions, leopards, antelopes, rhinos and buffalos roam - will grant your wish for an authentic getaway.

In order to explore Nairobi's treasures, you will need several days on site. Take some time to visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant's orphanage, the Giraffe Centre, the Maasai market where you'll find local crafts, and the farm once owned by author Karen Blixen. Travel back to the origins of man in the palaeoanthropology department of the National Museum: since scientists have revealed several-million-year-old hominids' bones in the Turkana lake region, Kenya has earned the coveted title of "cradle of humankind".

The mention of Kenya's name conveys images of safaris and vast steppes scorched by the sun. But Kenyan landscapes are not strictly limited to the savannah. From the Great Rift Valley to the Lamu Archipelago, the shores of Lake Victoria, the lush and green forests of the White Highlands and the northern deserts, there is little doubt you will be amazed by such variety. As for Mount Kenya, 200 kilometres from the capital, its snowy peaks will be a highlight for mountain-climbers and nature enthusiasts alike.

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